Freelance Japanese-English Translation

This is the homepage of Phil Gibbon, a freelance translator working from Japanese to English.

Translation Services

Based in Tokyo, I provide freelance Japanese-to-English translation services to direct clients and translation agencies both in Japan and abroad. With over seven years in Japan, ten years of studying the language, and five years experience as a translator and freelance writer, I can offer accurate yet idiomatically natural English translations.

Translation Fields

Most of my translation experience is in the games industry. I have participated in all phases of the game localization process, from translating in-game text, voice scripts and manuals, to editing and coordinating projects and directing voice talent. Credits include games by such publishers as Konami, Capcom, Square Enix, Hudson and others.

My technical experience includes projects involving computers, telecommunications, software help files, robotics and machinery, geothermal energy, industrial and consumer electronics and more. Documents handled include marketing reports, valuation reports, PR material, advertising copy and manuals.

I also have professional experience coding HTML and CSS, and so can provide clients with completely localized HTML documents.

Information and Contact

If you have a Japanese to English translation project, please feel free to contact me at the email address or phone number below. I would also be happy to send a resume, game credits or some translation samples.

Email: Inquire at japan-translation
Cell Phone (in Japan): 090-8105-3197